High School Narrative Essay

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Late to the biggest event of my high school career, graduation. All because I put too much on my plate at the last minute. It all started at 8:50 am may 16, the morning of graduation. That morning I woke feeling as if a chip had been removed off my shoulders because I was finally about to be done with high school. One of the best days of my life. That morning I woke took a shower, washed my face, and did my hair. When I was done I snuck into my mom’s room to grab her truck keys then I headed off to rehearsals at the Arkansas State University convocation center that started at 10 am.
Before I went to rehearsals I stopped at the YMCA and texted my friend Christasia to see if she wanted to meet beforehand at the park, which she did agree to. I then text my best friend Delicia the same thing and she was like okay bet come get me. So we met up at her house and by that time is 9:45, and once I looked at the clock I realized it was time to head to the ASU Convocation Center. While on the way up there Delicia was like wouldn’t it be a great idea to go find me a dress and a pair of shoes so I’m like sure why not and we continue on. Once we get there, everyone is talking laughing having a good time. then at 12 Delicia’s like “Hey we have to stay up here for another hour for my choir practice.” I’m like okay cool since I was the one who gave her a ride up there. At about 1:30 the practice was over so we headed to the mall to find her something to wear to graduation. But then she
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