High School Reflection Essay

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When working at Wade King in Mr. Denton's fourth grade classroom, I found that the students were very excited to have Nicole and me as guest teachers for their math hour. I had never worked with fourth grade students before, so their warm and inviting attitudes help calm my nerves. The lessons went well and I was surprised by some of the students' connections that they had made throughout our lessons. For example, there were several students that would bring up things that we hadn't talked about yet, but we were going to at the end of the lesson. Like the connection that certain fractions were larger than other fractions and this connection tied into the end of the lesson where we would place fractions on a number line by smallest to largest. It was so exciting to see students making these connections on their own and understanding the content that was being taught. I also felt like I was able to support the students very well when they had questions or difficulty with the lesson. I must admit, I was intimidated by the new fancy school and the fact that the students knew Chinese! Also, never having worked with fourth graders before, I didn't know what to expect or if I was truly prepared. Then we began teaching and the students had questions that I could confidently answer! Everything that I had learned paid off and it was such a good feeling to be able to support students learning. Something else that went well was teaching to Bridges. Bridges is so easy to follow and the
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