High School Reflection Paper

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Winston Churchill once said “ Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” There was one point in time during my early high school years I didn’t think I was smart enough. Then, during my senior year this particular meeting happened. This was an individual meeting with our high school chancellor to find out what was our rank during our high school years. As this day approached, I started to reflect on how I use to act during my freshman year, the grades I received, and the crowd I was hanging with. I will tell you later on what I ranked, but right now I will tell why I thought I wasn’t smart enough. First and foremost, I started high school off horribly. I went into high school with the wrong mindset and that was to make new friends and have fun. In reality I knew I was suppose to put my grades first and other things second when it came to school. I wasn’t a trouble child and I was being raised right. I was well disciplined and aware of what type of grades my parents expected me to bring home. I just had this mindset that grades didn’t matter and on top of that I didn’t want to attend that high school at the moment. I wasn’t failing classes, but I was barely passing Biology and Algebra I class with C’s and D’s. I didn’t come to my senses that I was being a fool and making myself look bad. I finally came to a realization that I needed to think about my grades and forget about my friends for the rest of the second semester. My final report in the 9th grade was all A’s and B’s with a 3.5 GPA. My Sophomore year was much better than my Freshman year, but I was kind of struggling in Chemistry. I was making 3.5’s, but I couldn’t make honor roll because I was making Cs in Chemistry, but they were always a point away from being a B. I started pushing myself harder and harder and still couldn’t get that 85 I wanted, so I was just beginning to give up. By that time my one of my grandfathers started to motivate me through words and money. Just like any other child or teenager, money was the key to good grades. I started doing better in all my classes, making all A's and B's, and even started going to tutoring to get even better in Chemistry. My Granddaddy was proud of

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