High School Salary Research Paper

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Education impacts the lives of students greatly. During the twelve years a student attends school, they grow mentally, physically and socially. Your mentors guide you through the rough years of middle school and college applications. The passion they hold for their job, and their goal to lead and strengthen students is what has allowed them to lead successful careers. Although I am no longer interested in teaching, it was important for me to take time to learn and educate myself about the provided benefits, average annual income, and the education required to become a teacher. Many people turn away from teaching because of the low income salary, and the thought of continuing school for the next twenty plus years scares them, yet they don’t…show more content…
The four plus years of college racks up quite a bit of students loans and the starting salary might not seem worth it; it might seem daunting at first, but the more you learn the less scary it becomes. Teachers have a reputation for not making a large income, but what many people don’t acknowledge is the potential earnings possible for teachers. A first year teacher who obtained their bachelor’s degree makes an average of $32,000 as their starting income. For every year you continue to work your salary increases, and by five years your annual income increases about $5000. The more education you acquired effects how much money you begin making. If you earned your master’s degree the average annual income starts at $37,000, that’s $5000 more than someone with a bachelor’s degree. You also make extra money from leading or coaching different school activities. Remembering that different factors play a role in your pay remain important to think about, like where you work and what level of education you teach affects your salary. Although this seems like very little, the potential you possess to make more money reaches
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