High School Schedule Essay

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Many secondary schools are beginning to question the impact that a school schedule has on student learning. Some schools are trying innovative schedules designed to provide choice and variety for high school students. Recently, San Luis Obispo High School was asked by our Superintendent to reconsider our current trimester schedule (see Appendices, Figure D) and review other alternative schedules that would benefit the increasingly diverse students of San Luis Obispo. Students, parents, and many teachers have been upset by this request and fail to see the validity of changing the schedule. Teachers were told that the trimester schedule is inequitable as the three trimesters equate to two semesters, thus students at SLOHS are receiving an unfair advantage over students at our sister school, Morro Bay High School. Additionally, the claim was made that those students who are socio-economically…show more content…
The issues that MBHS has faced with the rotating block have to do with the length of classes and the problem of not seeing all students every day. Teachers at MBHS claim that students have a difficult time staying focused in classes that last 110 minutes per day. Additionally, teachers do not see all students every day, and sometimes even for multiple days when students are involved in athletics. As MBHS went through the process of reviewing their daily schedule they focused on reducing minutes based on periods taught and consistently seeing students every single day, or at least four out of the five days of the week. MBHS staff devised a hybrid block semester schedule (see Appendices, Figure G) which will go up against their traditional rotating block on the ballot. Similiar to SLOHS, our Superintendent and Board of Eduaction will make the final decision after the votes are
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