High School Schools Are Overcrowded

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Schools Worldwide are Overcrowded Schools around the world are becoming more overcrowded recently. The population is rapidly growing and the school systems must keep up. Around the globe an issue in the school districts has occurred, overcrowded school environments have made it difficult for children to concentrate. Many schools have tried to solve the overcrowding problem by adding trailers to the school campuses. Some school district’s around the world have built new and bigger schools for the growing population, the problem is that the actions aren’t being taken fast enough.
There are so many schools in need due to the overcrowding issue that they had to make a relief list and help the schools in order from who needs help the most. For instance, look at Olympic high school is located in south west Mecklenburg County which is inside of North Carolina, it’s way over capacity at 152 percent (Fountain). Olympic high school has 35 trailers on campus to hold the abundant number of children it has. Parents are not in favor of trailer because they think that trailers are unsafe learning environments. On the list of relief schools Olympic high school is ranked number 26. That means 25 other schools are more in need and will be helped before Olympic high school can. Parents are enraged because this overcrowding problem at Olympic high school could take years to fix, especially being ranked number 26. Parents have started collecting signatures in hopes of Olympic high school…

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