High School Seniors Should Be Allowed an Early Dismissal from School Everyday

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In high schools today, most seniors are piled down with work and fatigued from after school activities and jobs. On average, most students spend 7-8 hours in school and most have after school jobs which they work for at least 6 hours. Most teachers and parents would say it’s because they’re in preparation for college and adult life. High school seniors are tensed and stressed because they are trying their best to succeed and make something out of themselves. But how can they do that if they have such busy schedule? I am in favor of high school seniors requesting an early dismissal from school if they have their appropriate amount of credits. The time from their early dismissal will allow them to get a lot of work done. They will have…show more content…
Some seniors have work to assist in the support of their family or to earn money for college. Early dismissal for seniors will encourage them to stay in school and not dropout. Some students become so stressed out that they begin to think they should just dropout and forget about school. Why do the teachers give so much work? They say it’s to prepare us for college but in reality most college professors don’t give as much work as high school teachers. With having a job and after school activities, most students have to stay up late hours into the night trying to finish assignments but if they are dismissed early they could finish assignments and take naps before they have to be at work. Seniors are loaded with work and have to turn them in before a certain deadline which is understandable if it has a reasonable date with the amount of work. By reducing the presence of seniors on school campus, the school will find that student behavioral problems will decrease. Since there are fewer free moments during the day in which a student can cause trouble, teachers have to contend with fewer problems. Some students stay in trouble because they think they can impress the seniors but are only keeping themselves behind in their own work. Schools think seniors are the main cause of conflict on campus so having the absence of them will benefit the school. Seniors realize that their senior year is

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