High School Should Be Mandatory

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All through high school one always wonders why certain courses have to be taken. Thinking certain courses are a waste of one’s time and how it takes 12 years just to receive a diploma. Sounds crazy to think half of one’s life is spent in school preparing to receive a better understanding of education. During graduation, walking through the stage makes one along other proud and accomplished of all the efforts that took place. This not only helps one become more educated and aware of the things going around them, but helps become financially stable with a job or other necessities in life. Therefore, high school should be mandatory for students at least till there are 18, and not to drop-out.
As one can see in the past staying in school was mandatory and people were looked down if one did not finish school. Now in days’ students are quick to drop out and more parents are allowing it to happen. The rate of students who attend school and drop- out is tremendously high. As a student who thought about dropping out due to many encounters in life, but chose to stay in school and get an education changed who I am today. After all, each individual has a different perspective of whether high school should be mandatory both know it can only better one self. Attending high school will have challenges along with, but make it worth going for.
For one thing, high school education should be mandatory due to furthering one’s education. Students who maintain to stay in high school receive the…
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