High School Should Not Be Legal

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What is the most common reason why high school would go to college? My old friend Sean Kisch is going to graduate with a major in music. His eldest sister will be done with her degree in modern dance this semester. Looking at myself, I am not that far along. I attempted to navigate around college because it was seen as too expensive. The mountain of debt for going to a private Christian college is to grate to pay off. Most people are not made out of money. The money may not be the case because an alternative does exist, it just is not as glorious. A person can obtain an associate’s degree at a community college for considerably less. Which is the choice I have made. I remember watching part of my brothers Dave Ramsey financial piece university video. It stated that most high school teens have the expectation of making mountains of cash. Most expected after college, they would make around one hundred thousand dollars or more. That figure is much lower, an entry level position with a college degree is between thirty and thirty-five thousand. If you survive the odds of finishing school, there is still the mammoth task of finding a job. The majority of student who graduate do not have any not enough experience to enter most jobs. My friend Sean is going to Seedarville Univercity in Ohio, he will have around forty to eighty thousand dollars of debt unless his parents are paying for it. My own parent told me they would not pay for my school, because my parent not not make
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