High School Should be Permitted to Have Open Campus Lunch Essay

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French students get 1 ½-2 hour lunch breaks, and many countries including France have off-campus lunch programs, where they can go home or to a restaurant for lunch. Why can’t Oak Creek High School have off-campus lunch? By the time students are in high school, they should be responsible and trusted to have off-campus lunch privileges. To begin, the high school principles and the school district can put restrictions on who’s allowed to leave the campus for lunch. The student’s parents make the ultimate decision of whether they will allow their child to go off-campus for lunch. In order for students to go off-campus, they will need to have a written consent slip filled out by their parents and handed in to the office, as well as a pass …show more content…
if the money is used wisely there may be more available for trips, cook outs & school events. Finally, the staff members of Oak Creek High could have more time available to get done with their work. Teachers need the extra time to get organized and prepared for the next class they teach. They could go home and eat or go out to eat. Plus, they would have extra time to eat at their own pace. Everyone knows that the administrators have enough problems to deal with, so by having an open campus lunch their will be less students they have to watch over in the cafeteria during lunch hours. Just like the teachers, the administrators would also have more time to get more things done and eat their lunch. It’s easy to understand why some of the parents and faculty members of the students at Oak Creek High would not agree with an open-campus lunch. They may believe that the student body is not ready or capable for handling the privileges of an open-campus lunch program. Yes, there’s the risk of students skipping out of school for the rest of the day with no return, if they have the privilege to leave campus for lunch. Also, some students may abuse the privileges of an open-campus lunch and skip out even if they don’t have a pass ID or parental consent. When those students deciding to skip without a pass get stopped and questioned by a school resource officer, they may get a loitering ticket depending on where they go when they skip, as well as a truancy
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