High School Sports Benefits

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As a high school student it can be hard to go through day to day life and still be relaxed. That is why it can be a great thing for a student to have a sport in their life. All though there are many benefits of playing a high school sport, the three main benefits to focus on are keeping kids active and safe. Helping to increase students social skills. It gives a great incentive to keep good grades in school. High school classes are certainly tougher, but sports can help ease that because they help to relieve the stress, and give students support and some new friends.

Every kid has a lot of things to balance, and two of the biggest things to balance in their everyday life is getting proper exercise and keeping themselves safe. The average problem for most teens even though they don’t want to admit it is they aren’t active. Sports help solve that problem because it gives kids a reason to exercise. Many times when a person plays in a game or practices they’re not even thinking about the fact
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They want to live up to their potential on and off the field. When students are in school getting good grades may or may not be a big deal to them, but when they are in a sport suddenly it's a huge deal. No one ever wants to be ineligible. Studies done by the CDC ( The Center of Disease Control) show that kids are more likely to complete school and get better grades when doing sports. Similar research looked to see if sports participation can detract from academic performance and found that it has no detrimental impact on students (“Psychological and Social Benefits of Playing True Sport”) . Then there is the fact that, with the support of the team, students always know that if they need help the team will be there to assist in any class. A team will always be there for them and to help keep them on the right track in
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