High School Sports Classification Essay

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Regardless of what people say or believe I know that what I do is more than a club. At Forest Grove High School they classify horseback riding as a club. Horseback riding is more than sitting around and doing nothing. Bicyclists sit on their bike, but they are still classified as a sport. Horseback riding is building muscles, it’s practicing, and it’s accepted as a sport in the Olympics. I define a sport as something you are physically active in and spending time to achieve a certain goal. Which is similar to the Webster’s Dictionary definition that states a sport is “physical activity engaged in for pleasure.”

To begin with horseback riding consist of lots of physical work like any other sport. For further explanation a football coach
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In comparison to other high school sports they practice 5-6 days a week just depending on if they have a game coming up or not like equestrian riders. Equestrian riders practice to be the best just like soccer players practice to be the best team. Basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, track, and football all have in common is that they are teamed sports. In the pacific northwest there is what’s called OHSET and WAHSET. These acronyms stand Oregon/Washington High School Equestrian Teams. Here we see that this activity where teens ride horses has a team, and the acronym has the word team. So how are we any different from basketball or even track. On the OSAA website they list basketball, baseball, and tennis, but horseback riding is not listed. Horseback riders practice in teams like all other sports so why are we not classified as a…show more content…
In the Olympics there is what’s called dressage, and all different types of horse jumping. The Olympics of 2012 were located in London and the rider Charlotte Dujardin was a “British individual dressage Grand Prix gold medallist…” according to Dressage is an event where you have a certain sized court and you have to go around in certain pattern getting your horse to move freely and out, but you are always doing something different. Jumping is a whole lot different than dressage. Instead of going in a sized arena you could be out in a large field jumping 3ft jumps. Ludger BEERBAUM won his first gold medal in 1988, and has three other gold medals in jumping. Also from horseback games have been around sense 1900’s. So we see that the Olympics classifies horseback riding as a sport. Why doesn’t a high school classify their equestrian rider as doing a sport?

In conclusion horseback riding is a sport because the rider is gaining muscle and practice like any other sport to achieve a certain goal. Not only are they building muscles everyday and practicing everyday, but they the Olympics classifies them as a sport and has been a sport in the Olympics for a long time. For these reasons I think high schools should label the equestrian team as a sport. Horseback riding is not a little club. It’s a sport like all the other physical active sports in high
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