High School Sports Essay

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Competitive sports play a large role in many high schools. In high school I played every sport; Football, Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, I even Wrestled. High school sports over the past couple of years have become increasingly difficult to keep up with due to the vast amount of preparation you’re expected to do. Most recognize that the Pro’s and the NCAA have gone too far with there’s willingness to win. That do whatever it takes to win mentality kills from the game in my opinion.
High school sports on the other hand are still a classic battle of one’s rivalry against another in shaggy glory. They give us hope that something in sports is still unsullied and restores our faith in the family values. Though in some places
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In this book the Permian high school football team would spend close to $70,000 on charted jet trips to away games and building a high school football stadium that seated nearly 20,000 and costs roughly around $5.6 million. Though my high school did not spend nearly as much for any of those things we did build a wrestling room for our wrestling team, space that could’ve been used to create about 5 classrooms. That would’ve shrank the class room sizes so students would have a better learning experience instead of the 31:1 student teacher ratio there was when I was a senior.
A school that recently spent a massive amount of money toward athletics in St. Anthony’s high school located in South Huntington, New York. They just build a 140,000-square-foot field house. The student center will feature a 200-meter indoor track, a multipurpose center court, a weight room, locker rooms and a team store. It also will include classroom space for chorus, band, orchestra and dance. The cost for this field house you ask? 41 million Dollars, Money that could’ve been used to acquire better teachers or lower tuition the school. The arguments for these sport centers are simple; the football programs are not just self-sustaining but they also support other sports, these are stadiums the community wants so there’s no harm, particularly when there privately financed. If my school spent that much money to build a field house like that I’m pretty
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