High School Stereotypes

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Many high school dropouts have misunderstood why they drop out early and kids make stereotypes because of them dropping school. Misconceptions and stereotypes are being thrown around in the air all around the world by people every single day. Misconceptions is opinions that are wrong because of false understanding. Stereotypes are oversimplified ideas of a person or thing. We have misconceptions and stereotypes because people have reasons for everything. Kids in high school, mostly have stereotypes and misconceptions about many different groups and things. High School may not be meant for everyone and there is quite a bit of misconceptions and stereotypes about the ones who drop out. Although some high school dropouts become successful, Most…show more content…
Stereotypes are used for specific groups or things that are constantly being passed around. Many use stereotypes towards others to make themselves have more credibility and feel good about themselves. Also many people use stereotypes to better understand a specific group based off of what may be true. For example, in the article,“About Men,” the author Gretel Ehrlich uses a stereotype about how cowboys act by saying, “ Even young cowboys are often evasive with women. It’s not that they’re Jekyll and Hyde creatures -- gentle with animals and rough on women -- but rather, that they don’t know how to bring their tenderness into the house and lack the vocabulary to express the complexity of what they feel” (4). This writing is saying that men do not know how to act properly around women and show any emotion towards women but show it to animals. This is a stereotype because though some cowboys are evasive with women, most men are not.People have passed down stereotypes from generation to generation and more and more are being made about certain groups which causes a lot of conflict. There are even over exaggerated stereotypes that have been passed down like the star athlete who is the coach's son and is popular with everyone in the school. Stereotypes does not have to be negative and there are positive ones which can increase as well. People today rather believe these…show more content…
Most people who drop out of high school have that kind of life. There are some who become successful and have their own businesses and make a good living. However, most people who drop out end up having to go back to school later in life because it gets too difficult to live comfortably especially if some have to support a family. In today's society, it is even tougher to make a living without having an education and people who drop out should think again because it only gets harder each and everyday. People today think they can take the easy way out by starting the real world early, but they quickly realize that it is a mistake because reality hits. Life is hard, especially without an education and it is a huge struggle to survive in this world today. Most people today who have to go through the struggle because of dropping out in high school wish that there was a reset button, but there is only one chance and that is why people should not drop out. Many kids who have dropped out end up going back to school in adult school, which is even harder to do. Most high school kids do not like school, but the ones who really do not and think it is okay to not go anymore and start the real world early actually do not like it later in life and regret it. High School dropouts are like cats that don’t even try to play

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