High School Students Should Be Allowed To Use Cell Phones In School?

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Smartphones have become a part of everyone’s body. Almost everything can be done through smart phones. Paying bills, doing grocery, buying food, and more time consuming tasks can all be done almost instantly by smartphones. Many jobs and institutions today do not allow the use of smartphones during a certain time, especially schools. Prohibition of cell phones in school is a good idea to prevent students from getting distracted. However, high school students should be allowed to access their cell phones at school, because high school students are mature enough to use their cell phones productively and beneficially. Having access to internet is very important to high school students. Many students could not afford to have all kinds of devices, such as laptop, tablets, and cell phones. Entirely banning the usage of cell phones can make students hate the school causing them to be more arrogant.
There are more effective ways in creating policies than just banning students from using their phones. Many people today lacked responsibility, because the education system today does not teach students to be responsible. Only few who grew up out of their comfort zones are very responsible for their works. Children at this age love arguing with either parents and teachers. Taking phones from them the students therefore can be the worst method of teaching responsibility. All the rules made by the school does not make one to be more responsible, but frustrated. High school students are mature enough at this point in life and should be taught to be responsible. Students at this age already know that they are not supposed to use their phones to play games. When necessary, teachers can make their students turn on airplane mode to prevent cheating during a test (“7 Reasons Why Students Should Be Allowed To Use Cellphones In School,” 2014). The simple logic is that the more rules there are, the more frustration and pressure will be put on students.
There is no perfect number of rules that will stop students from complaining and disliking it. The best way to put restriction on cell phones usage from students is to let them use their phones. The real problem is to prevent students from abusing the use of cell phones. The easiest
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