High School Students Vs College Students(Draft). Do You

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High School Students vs College Students(Draft)
Do you remember as you sat in that Simi large class room filled with 28 other students the smell of paper in the air and the sound of your teachers saying “that this was just the stepping stone into your life, your career, and everything you wanted to be when you grew up?” Remember back to when you were in high school allowing your teachers voices to come back to you, remember how it once was; Remember they stressed the importance of grades and attendance, what is your drive for going to school every morning, how did you manage your time whilst on campus? Imagine yourself now an adult in your first year of college coping with the stress of daily life and school, reflecting upon all those
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Yet still take the initiative every day to get up and work on school work and for some of the millions of students go into a campus! But what truly drives a college student to want to learn? Is it the need for a batter paying job? Is it to benefit your family? Or to maybe just tell yourself “ Hey I did this!” I think it could be all three but when it comes to most high school students getting overwhelmed with the things that are going on in their home lives and bring it to school when they should be paying attention. “High schoolers dropping out can be attributable to the social climate, particularly those elements dealing with student participation and the severity of the problem environment.” (Pittman, Haughwout, December 1987) As we age we realize that college is going to be required of us at some point so why not do it now. We as college students psych ourselves up for this awesome experience, to find that it is stressful and way harder than we thought college was going to be, we learned in high school. So, we go into everything blind thinking one way to find that it is another. But no matter what gets in some of our way we keep going knocking out one class at a
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