High School Students and Their Allowance Management

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Money is involved in many things and situations around the world; every person had experienced, even once, to see and to hold money, so it’s indeed a big part of everyone’s life. It can be in the form of metal coin or piece of paper, but people value this thing to sustain their everyday needs like food, water, and clothes. One can’t just go to the market to buy foods if he/she doesn’t have money right? It can also provide things for people’s satisfaction like gadgets, appliances and accessories. There’s an idiom in which it stated that “money doesn’t grow on trees”, meaning a person should be careful of how much money he spends because there is only a limited amount. However, there are ways on how earn it.
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Since the current generation became modernized, things really got to be changed. People have various thoughts in almost everything, especially money. Some people prefer to spend their cash carelessly, while others thought of saving it. This thing affects the teenagers’ point of view about money and ways of managing it that is why there are problems occurring under allowance management.

2. Statement of the Problem:

There are problems that can occur in a student’s allowance management like:

• Are high school students wise enough to manage their allowances well?

As a first timer, they need guidance and advice from adults or elders. High school students should be supervised in order to know if they spend it one something valuable or important and not something unbeneficial. Kids these days tend to spend their money on things that is not good for them. “Be reasonable about the amount you are giving to your children.” –Shannon Wakeland

• Do they save money?

With a bigger or expensive thing on mind that they really want to have, teens will have to save up to be able to buy it. This practice could also help them in the near future. Parents, being the children’s best teachers, need to teach them how to save money as early as elementary or high school in order to accomplish their goals and encourage them to plan for their future.

• What are the other ways that high school
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