High School Teachers Vs. College Professors

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High school Teachers Versus College Professors
Written by Destiny Tumlin

High school teachers and College Professors are alike in many ways but in some cases they differ. Most High school teachers will always check your assignments, they will take the lead, and they usually have a quick response time. On the other hand, College Professors don’t always check the assignments, they expect the students to take the lead, and usually have a slower response time. High school teachers and College Professors differ in many ways such as checking your work, how they lead, and their response time. All of these aspects attribute to the learning environment and how they interact with their students. School assignments are a major way for teachers to get a feel on how their students are doing and if they need more help. In an article wrote by Southern Methodist University they state, “Teachers check your completed work. Professors may not always check completed homework, but they will assume you can perform the same tasks on tests.” They also say, “Teachers remind you of your incomplete work. Professors may not remind you of incomplete work.” From experience as a Dual Enrollment student, all of these statements are fairly reasonable. The two types of teachers being discussed differ in many different ways. Such as, high school teachers usually give assignments and then will take them up and check them. Sometimes teachers will just call out the correct answers and let the students learn
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