High School Testing

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I believe that students who start school early have a harder focusing. My claim is that many students are falling asleep in class, or getting a failing grade. I believe that this is wrong because some students aren't getting enough sleep. High school testing will not boost the student's ability to think, It will lower it when there is to much. I believe that we should have only 3 big tests in total because more will stress students out. I also think that students should have more sleep because that will boost their ability to think, and have an open mind instead of falling asleep, and flunking school. Teenagers should be able to opt out of the parcc test because they already have enough to worry about. When the teenagers have more tests at…show more content…
When there is too much testing, there are to outcomes that should be taken into consideration. When a student has testing on a day, that cuts out the lesson on the homework, and a teenager will not know how or what to do on the homework. Another reason is that after a day of testing, and then coming home to work again may be frustrating. When you are involved in sports or something that can get you out of the house, you will no longer have time if you are exhausted from school. After school activities will be ruptured, and your performance will be lower. To stop this, schools should start at a later time, so that students have time for homework and after school activities. When school is started early, performance is cut down because the student will have a harder time trying to understand what’s going on at the start of the day. I think that a later start time would have a massive effect on the students because they would be more awake at the start of school. It would make students more aware of what's going on when they are in class. I think that students grades would higher to if there was a later start…show more content…
After doing a research and playing through some games, I discovered Minecraft. When I saw this, I started to play and realized some of the things you can craft where some of things you can craft in real life. Some games make it unrealistic, but Minecraft teaches strategy. I found out that you can have servers on minecraft such as hunger games. I played through and it helped me realize strategies, and techniques to get better, because each try was giving me more knowledge and strategies, so that I could win. The better the strategies, the better the gameplay you will have, and it can also boost a positive attitude when you play games. I will show people videos of Minecraft, since it is one of the world's most popular games, and teach people that It can educate you, even though it is a
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