High School Uniform Polices Essay example

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High School Uniform Polices

Hello, I am here today to tell you about a problem that I see in our high schools. This problem is that there is not a uniform policy in all of schools. There are many arguments for and against having a uniform policy in the school systems. Some would argue that having a uniform would limit kids from their self-expression and individuality. While others believe that this is a good idea so that there is not any “labels” in our schools. By this I mean that poor and rich kids will not be noticed by what they wear. No matter what the outcome in this matter there will always be people that get upset about the outcome. I am here to give you my reason for supporting the idea that all high schools should have a
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A lot of poorer kids get picked on because their parents do not have the money to buy them the same clothes that others can afford. It is not fair to let some kids get picked on because their parents are not as well off financially as others. Another problem with not having a dress code is that it allows gang members to be recognized in school. I am not saying that this is a big problem at every school but it is at some. Gang members may have some article of clothing or wear something a certain way which would represent their gang. This is something that is noticeable to everyone at school. Some younger schoolmates may see these people and want to join the group because it looks “cool” and they want to fit into something. Having a dress code would not stop people from being in these gangs but it would take away the visual aspects of the gang. I feel that if we change this in our schools that there would be a loss of self-expression to the kids of our schools but the positives would far be greater than the negatives.

To best solve this problem would be to have a set uniform for school. This should be very basic so there is little room for self-expression. I feel that the uniforms should come from the same store so that all of the people are dressed just alike. If the policy asked for Kakuei pants and a button up shirt then there will still be labels on the clothes. But if they all come from the same store then there could
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