High School Vs. College Academic Writing Essay

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We have been told by many of our High School English teachers that being able to formulate the perfect essay will make transitioning into the college academic conversation much less challenging. But did they ever teach us how to write such a paper? Well, there was the five-paragraph essay only rule among all of your teachers, and if it did not contain facts or opinions it was unacceptable. That is where one of the many differences between high school English and college English lies. Within college academic writing students will have to know how to incorporate certified outside sources into their papers, be able to keep the reader interested on the topic, and have the ability to read academically. When was the last time you wrote a paper and actually had to do research on your own for a high school English class? Probably only once, or most likely, never. When you consider to do research on a topic that interests you, you have to make sure that your site is credible, and what does that mean? That it comes from a place that is not in any way bias about the topic. In Roane State’s MLA: Using Sources Correctly, the authors are basically telling you that when using in-text quotations you are usually trying to use a specific phrase from the article to get your point across. For example, according to Roanestate.edu, “… in-text citation...using information from another source such as a fact, summary, or paraphrase to support…own ideas” (Roane State, 1). This means that by
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