High School Vs. College

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Parents tend to elaborate the lives of teenagers as compliant and believe that they have not a care in the world; which is not the case. Students whether high school or college juggle jobs, school and leisure the same way their parents juggle careers and families. Working long hours of part-time jobs are proving to be harmful to the students. Many people contend that working and involving in the society helps teenagers to capture some taste of what’s coming ahead and helps them prepare for that. However, focusing more on their jobs, reduces their involvement in school, making their lifestyle materialistic and extended indulgent. Many students work while attending university or schools for many different reasons. It can be difficult to balance work and school like working for long hours make students negligent towards school and other activities which are important for health and life.While it is true that earning money helps students have a sense of independence, nevertheless, things tend to go a wayside as they put more focus on jobs than educating. They are unable to balance school and work, because of the tender age, they get fascinated with the materialistic way of living. Different industries play their role as an ancillary to the teenagers by making jobs easily available especially to them. Yes, it is great when you earn your own money while not having to rely on others, but in this urge of being free, students try to make more money which adds up to their negligence

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