High School Vs. College

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The purpose of college is to prepare a young adult for the real world and to give them the knowledge they need to succeed in their future career. High school, however, is simply a transition period. It is in high school that students learn what it is they like to do and what career will be a good fit for them. High school prepares teenagers for college, but college prepares young adults for the real world. Although both high school and college are competitive environments which education is the main priority, the college environment will better prepare students for the real world because of the differences in rigor of the curriculum and the differences in the level of responsibility. In both high school and college, getting an education is the main priority. Although there are extracurricular activities such as clubs or sports, a certain grade point average is required in order to participate. This ensures that students are able to focus on their academics without being too distracted by extracurricular activities. In addition to being aware of their own grade point average for extracurricular activities, students must be aware of their grade point average to be able to take the next step in their educational or vocational path. A high school student’s goal is to make good enough grades to get into their college of choice; however, a college student’s goal is to get good enough grades to either get into a graduate program or to look good when they are applying to a

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