High School Vs College

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High school vs College The transition of high school into college can be a very difficult one, but it doesn’t have to be. My high school experience was a good one, outside of the classroom. I did make it through high school but I did not make it through knowing; I tried my best. I didn’t spend time on homework or studying and I learned almost nothing. Now I am in college and it’s a lot different but a lot more enjoyable. I go to Luna Community College and I am taking 5 classes, it was hard to get used to and balance. I am now better at managing my time and I don’t get overwhelmed. Understanding the differences between high school and college can help make an easier transition into a university or college.
To have an easier transition to college or a university, you need to keep up with homework and other assignments. Managing homework in college can be hard and it’s definitely different than in high school. In high school I always had time to quickly write down some answers for lunch or in a different class, usually the teacher only checked to see if it was completed so I didn’t really think much of it. Sometimes I studied for big tests and for a quiz or two. Everything changed in college. I learned that the way I studied and did homework in high school would not work in college. In college your final grade is usually only exams, a term paper, and some quizzes. Most college classes don’t offer a lot of opportunities to bring up your grade beyond these exams. I didn’t
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