High School Vs College Essays

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High School vs. College

As we go on in life we face many challenges and new situations that we deal with. A new situation that most people deal with is college and all the changes that come along with it. What many people don't realize is that high school, in many ways, is similar and differrent from college. Not only are people changing but the surroundings and work change as well. There are some things that seem to never change such as some work and people.
The majority of the work in college is very similar to high school. An example would be the Critical Thinking homework. In that class you have to re-write a sentence that is not proper and make it correct in high school I had to do the same thing in my English class. The
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Time management is big because you can be lazy and not take time to do work or you could take every moment to accomplish things you need to do throughout the day.2 An example would be playing video games when you should actually be writing a paper or doing other important work. This can make or break someone who is going off to college.
In high school people usually fall into "cliques" or certain groups of people they hang around with. College and high school are similar; an example is that if someone plays football tend to spend more time with each other. They usually talk with one another or share a bond which no one else usually has. In high school people tend to do the same thing, kids group up with either the jocks or other groups. People just make friends more easily if they have something in common.
A big difference between college and high school is a new place of living. When you're at home and going to high school your parents cook, shop, and make sure you do your work. At college things are different; you have to do all those that you parents did at home. An example would be doing your laundry. Not many kids do their own laundry, so when it comes to college, things are very different. That's why people say that when you're in college you tend to mature due to the new style of living, which is living on your own.
In college the amount of classes and the time you have to go for is different from

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