High School Vs. College

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Jessel Vitto

Professor Grunow

Writing 1010

October 26, 2015

High School vs. College

Graduating from high school is what every student is looking forward to. However, going to college is a big accomplishment for all students. The first day of freshman high school and college feels the same, the excitement and pressured. As many students experienced, both high school and college could be compared their similarities. First, both students in college and high school are expected to behave in well mannered, attend to every class on time, and respect the teachers or professors. Second, being prepared in class is needed for the success whether the students are in high school or college. Third, high school and college allow the students to figure out and pursue their career. In contrary, high school and college have a lot of differences to each other. Unlike high school, students in college can choose a college they would prefer, they can manage their own time, and students be able to learn how to balance their responsibilities and priorities.

The location is very important to choose a school when it comes to education. Everyone would want to know how the school environment is and if it’s a good school. A high school student doesn 't have that much of a choice to pick any school they want. For example, if Mary lives in Westland, then she has to go to a high school that is in Westland unless she chose to go to a private or charter school. She would have the advantage to take the
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