High School Vs. College

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Education is a very critical part of a person’s life. There are many levels to education and an abundant amount of students that do not make it to the highest level possible. High school and college are the two main groups that can make or break a person’s education. Between high school and college, there are different requirements and goals needed to succeed. As a student, self-motivation, the value of education, and the responsibilities students must uphold fluctuate among high school and college. For a student partaking in high school classes’ self-motivation can differ from a student attending college courses. In high school, attending class is mandatory and can lead to consequences if not attended. Attendance is very critical and punishments are not only given to the student but the parents as well if the student obtains too many absences. According to the government, going to high school is imperative. When the child turns 16 years of age, they are able to drop out of high school with their parent’s approval. If the child decides to stay in school, then consequences can still be given. There is not a lot of self-motivation needed when transportation can be provided for the student and the student must attend class or legal consequences will be given. The only motivation needed to do well in high school classes would be keeping their grades at a passing level. Self-motivation, in college, takes a very important role in a student’s life. Self-motivation is not to be

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