High School Vs. Elementary School

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Over the last several decades the government has always found a way to control the personal lives of our society, and they are now controlling what foods we put in our bodies and how often we exercise. Starting with the school systems, the government is slowly changing what they allow in the cafeteria and the amount of exercise a child needs to partake in throughout a school day. In Pennsylvania, a physical education class is required from kindergarten to high school. I attended Southern Elementary school in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, for seven years of elementary school, and once a week we had P.E. class for an hour. There, we had to either play games, complete physical tests, or run the mile depending on the day. Then, for seventh and eighth grade I went to Southern Middle school, where a gym and health class was on an alternating schedule. Every day one, three, and five we were required to go to a gym class, and every day two, four, and six we had health class. In high school, gym and health classes were not required as often. I took only one semester of gym and one semester of yoga throughout my four years of high school, and two semesters of health. Only two physical education classes and two health classes were required, but many students took more throughout the years to fill their schedules with “fun” classes. Not only is the government controlling in classes involving exercise, but they also had a big say in what was bought in the cafeteria at lunch time. For every
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