High School Vs. High Schools

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August 10, the trailer hitched and fully loaded with tack, suitcases, and one 1,300 pound steer named Bandit. With Grandpa at the wheel and a full tank of gas we were on our way to the state fair. Although I was excited to be cruising down Highway 30 there was one problem we weren’t going to be home until the 13th and volleyball practice started on the 11th. High schools are focusing more on sports than any other extra-curricular activity could create serious penalties for missing the first three practices. On the other hand, I had worked with Bandit since the previous May when he was just a mere 100 pounds. I had also been playing volleyball since the 7th grade and I was now a junior. The dilemma of which to choose created some mental chaos. For a high school director the choice would be sports for it is big revenue for the schools. Perhaps the punishment for missing practices such as extra conditioning exercises, sitting out the first games, or missing out on valuable information or missing the State Fair and not being able to show your hard work for the last year, meet new people, and have one last kick for summer is what keeps students from participating in both FFA and sports. It is taught that high school is a time to try as many things as possible, although there are more opportunities to get involved in through FFA, there are more skills to learn to be successful after high school, and it helps raise you overall GPA and still high schools value sports over other…

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