High School Vs. Public School

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financially and provide a house in a nice neighborhood with a quality public school system. Having the financial support of my grandparent allowed me to be able to participate in sports and live in a middle-class neighborhood. They broadened the opportunities available to me because my siblings and I weren 't reliant solely on my mom’s minimal income.

Where I attended school was also a huge influence on who I am today. I went to public school from kindergarten through twelfth grade in my hometown, so most of my friends were from the same town. I lived in a small town so when I graduated I was joined by 150 other students, most of whom I had known since kindergarten. The public schools in my town were well funded and they were decent at preparing students for high school. The schools were always up to date with technology and by the time I graduated, the schools provided every student from sixth grade to twelfth grade with iPads during the school year. My high school offered 13 different AP courses and had more than 13 varsity sports, which did not require a fee to participate. Because of this, I was able to play a sport every season in high school. I did cheerleading all four years, track for three years, and I took a total of 6 AP courses in which I earned 16 credits for college. My school also had very little crime and violence and had a very high graduation rate, only about five students dropped from my class.

I attended a public high school that was well
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