High School Vs. Public Schools

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Imagine a student falling asleep in class or even not completing their class work in time because they were too tired that day. The teacher comes up to them and questions why they are sleeping during the class. Tons of students in public schools would use the same old excuse saying that they did not get enough sleep the night before. Sadly, this excuse is true for most people who use it. How come it is true most of the time? That is because these students stayed up late at night completing assignments that took time for them to do, and then having to deal with the terrible pain of waking up at five or six in the morning to make it on time for school. Surely enough, this type of situation occurs more than once for students, creating terrible effects for them to have to deal with. This is not just happening to students at a couple schools, but for students in schools throughout the nation (Dean). This is because most high schools prefer the starting time to be earlier in the morning not realizing the consequences it causes. Evidence shows students are severely sleep deprived to this. The “ZZZ’s to A’s” Act, proposed by the National Sleep Foundation, is an act that would require schools to begin at later times than their current times (National Sleep Foundation). Being that students are not the only ones being affected by this problem, this act would be a God send to students and teachers alike since they both must suffer the various consequences of sleep deprivation. By having
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