High School Water Polo Coaches

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Statement of the Problem There are plenty of research projects conducted in collegiate and professional sports such as football, basketball and baseball to demonstrate that experienced coaches in their respective sports have similar or different leadership qualities that help them to lead their teams to win multiple championships. However, there is little to no research on high school level sports. For this study, the researcher will focus on high school water polo. The goals of this research project is to help fill that void and to identify whether or not experienced high school water polo coaches have similar leadership qualities. The first objective will be to determine if experienced high school coaches who have multiple…show more content…
The research question for this project is “Do experienced high school water polo coaches, who have won multiple championships, have similar leadership qualities as experienced coaches who have not won multiple championships?” Review of the Literature Leadership Styles and Their Effectiveness Pratt and Eitzen (1989) conducted a study to determine if there were differences in team effectiveness that could be linked to different coaching styles. Pratt and Eitzen focused on two styles of leadership: the authoritarian and the democratic. The qualities of an authoritarian style of leadership are characterized by discipline, dictatorship impersonal and lack of personal relationships with athletes. The qualities of a democratic leadership differ in that they focus on a support system, relationship building, and common goal setting. To determine the effectiveness of the leadership style, Pratt and Eitzen used the coach’s lifetime winning percentage as a measurement for team effectiveness. They concluded that the results demonstrated that the effects of leadership style varied according to the gender of the team. For boys, the results did not reflect any significant effect on team effectiveness regardless of the leadership style used. For the girls the results were mixed since they showed a significant effect in two categories for each leadership style. If Pratt’s and Eitzen’s research is
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