High School Year Short Story

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Starting high school, I was the epitome of the phrase “fly on the wall”. Afraid to speak out (or up), join any activities or groups, or, under any circumstances, place myself in the spotlight. Anxieties and doubts flooded my mind and body, and it was clear to anyone who looked my way. This was a struggle that I have faced my whole life, and one that reached its peak during one of the most important periods of my life: high school. Freshman year was dreadful. Simply standing up in front of the class was too close to an impossibility. I didn’t know who I was, or what I wanted to be, so I did whatever I could to seamlessly blend into the passing crowd. When I think back to those times, I just get… well… uncomfortable. About halfway into the school year, though, I was brought a Diversity Team meeting at school. Instantly, I felt comfortable and safe in the environment it provided. I had yet to come out of my shell, but I had…show more content…
Theater and band continuously became a bigger part of my life, and it shined some much needed light into my life. And, finally, we reach my Senior year. The last stretch. It was a long journey, but I had come into my own skin. I knew where I wanted to go in life (or I had a fairly good idea, at least). Toxic people were ridden of. Of course, things weren’t always bright and sunny, for clouds and rain still made appearances on occasion. But the storms never stayed too long. By the end of high school, I had gone from a girl who suffered daily breakdowns, and grown into one of the longest lasting members of the Diversity team, and a founding member and leader of the Gay Straight Alliance. I won an award for my acting, was the manager for the largest production MVHS had put on in years (“The Wizard of Oz”), taken on the role of “Head Techie”, and even directed the final drama production my senior year. I was one of the most devoted members of the concert, jazz, and pep
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