High School to the NBA? Essay

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High School to the NBA?

The National Basketball Association, more commonly known as the NBA, is a league that millions of people in the world are familiar with. Fans of this association range from toddlers to senior citizens. The men employed by the NBA are friends, fathers, husbands and sons, but some people these men are heroes. So many fans look to these men as role models and want to shadow their every move. The NBA players are all very talented and their life styles are quite unique. The constant traveling and practicing is hard to get used to. As the game of basketball ages, young men are becoming more and more skilled. Although the skill might be there, boys right out of high school are not mentally or physically ready to go
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The constant phone calls from colleges all over the country wanting Brian to come visit and come play there at times were overwhelming, and the piles and piles of mail from coaches and colleges that accumulated in the trunk of my car were outrageous. My eyes were opened to the harassment that these boys have to deal with day after day.

Brian is a very talented young man who has determination like I have never seen. He wants more then anything to achieve his dream of playing in the NBA. Because Brian has this drive, he works very hard and puts in overtime to improve his skills everyday. I have never met anyone with so much passion and some one who impacted a team so positively on and off the court. He has truly been given a gift from God and plans to make the best of it. Now most people look at Brian and wish that they were him because of the talent that he has, yet they do not know the hardships that he overcomes. Brian comes from a broken home in which he is constantly on the go and sleeping at one house and then another. He has a lot of personal hardships that many people are blind to.

It seems as though it is every boy’s dream to be a professional athlete. Most of them know in reality that it will never happen, yet there are that select group of people who are given a skill and they were born to play ball. These boys go to high school and become the star of their school team and starting at a young age are constantly harassed by
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