High Schools And Public Schools

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Growing up in a district area is much more different in many ways than growing up in a big city, where people have more guidance and facilities in almost every part of life than people living in any small town or district. The part of the country where I grew up had separated schools for girl and boys. Co-education was not common. The population was between 0.2 million to 0.3 million. There were few elementary public schools and public high schools. Peoples ' education was really effected by the social culture, and by a lot of authorities ' negligence of the law. A part of the district area where I grew up is called Hangu. It was a man dominated society. It was the notion that an education is more important for a man than a woman. It was the traditional belief that education is more important for men then a women because men need to have an education to get a job, to establish his own business, to understand and deal with the people, and to take care of his family. It was a dominated traditional belief that women should have a direct in social life and be in charge of the house, doing chores, and raising up children. However, it was also the notion that women should have an enough education to read and write and understand what is right and wrong, so that they help and involve in their children education and produce better, well raised generation to improve society. Peoples ' lives were more influenced by the social norms than by religion or by the outside world 's
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