High Schools And School Schools

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Armed and Educated
Columbine, Sandy Hook, and the UT Tower shooting are just a few examples of the terror parents, teachers, and students face today. More and more massacres and threats are affecting our schools on a daily basis. No one should fear to receive an education and certainly no parent should fear their child entering the doors of an elementary school. What can we do to prevent these tragedies from happening again? How can we strip the worry from the men, women and children involved in our educational systems at work today? The only options to putting an end to the untimely and unfair deaths of our teachers and students is tighter security, psych evaluations, and armed personnel. This means of security should not only be present in high schools or Jr. Highs, but should be present in all of our educational buildings, including colleges, elementary schools and child care centers. All of the places listed should be aware and willing to respond with any force necessary to protect their lives and the lives of others. More security cameras, attending at least one anti-bullying program per school year, teachers need training to psychologically assess a troubled student, and armed teachers should all play a role in defending and keeping our schools safe. This is not taking our freedom but protecting our right to live and learn.
Security cameras can be spotted in many places including stores, airports, gas stations, and school buildings. All of the surveillance equipment
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