High Schools Are Not Preparing Their Graduates For College

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High Schools are not Preparing Their Graduates for College Three out of four graduates are not fully prepared for college, because of this they are almost certain to take remedial classes in which they can prepare to be “freshman,” in their second semester of college. ACT’s have tested 50% of these graduates, and it was measured that only 25% of that was actually prepared in all three areas of testing. So what is wrong with this picture? The problem is American high schools are not preparing their students for a college environment, and college work. Students aren’t receiving the key work and lessons needed for college. With all the method that teachers have, which aren’t working to the extent they should be, they are honestly forced to help these students out when they should have been prepared to begin with. With that said, High School teachers are not preparing their students academically for college. Colleges are forced to do studies in consideration of improving the United States Academic reputation, and the overall education for America. High School teaching techniques are not preparing their students for College. Its believed that new case studies have found that “U.S. High Schools are teaching their core College-preparatory courses and what colleges want incoming students to know in order for them to succeed in Freshmen courses.” (Higher Education, 2007) A large role in this is that High School teachers are preparing their students for more broad skills, ideas,
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