High / Scope Curriculum And Connect Research Studies Relevant

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A curriculum has a particular structure where an instructor or teacher takes into account different factors to achieve identified outcomes.A curriculum is like a puzzle trying to fit all the puzzle pieces together to ensure each child reaches their full potential. Therefore, one must take into account the objectives, instruction, cognitive development, content knowledge, society 's culture and assessment. The purpose of this study is to analyze High/Scope curriculum and connect research studies relevant to this model. Moreover, theoretical perspectives and best practices in teaching are discussed in relation to the model in a real classroom context. Observations garnered from an early childhood High/Scope inspired classroom will be considered regarding its practices and implementation of the model.
Overview of High/Scope David Weikart and his colleagues develop the High/Scope model of preschool education in the 1960’s (Schweinhart, Weikart & Hohmann, 2002). Based on Piagetian beliefs and constructivist-learning approach, its educational ideas and practices abide on the natural development of young children and active approach to learning (Follari, 2007). It is established as an intervention program to improve the personal and economic opportunities for a group of three-and four-year-old children in Ypsilanti, Michigan (Belfield, Nores, Barnett & Schweinhart, 2006). Thus, this model is designed in targeting preschool-aged children living in poverty. Predominantly, Head
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