High Self Esteem Is A Negative Effect On A Person 's Health

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Ever since health class, today’s young adults have been taught about self-esteem. Along with self-esteem, students are taught what it means to have “high” self-esteem or “low” self-esteem. Having high self-esteem is the ability to think highly of oneself, whereas low self-esteem is the feeling of doubt of abilities in oneself. They are also taught how to develop high self-esteem and why having low self-esteem has a negative effect on a person’s health. Some people believe that these teachings have gone too far. They believe that today’s generation, Gen’mers, actually have too high of self-esteem. While Generation Me implies that having high self-esteem has a negative impact on Gen’mers and society, having high self-esteem is actually a positive thing. Generation Me by Jean M. Twenge explains in detail all the things that are essentially wrong with today’s generation. One topic that Twenge hits on quite often is that today’s generation is too narcissistic because they have to high self-esteem. While I do agree that narcissism is a bad thing, that doesn’t make high self-esteem negative. “Generation Me is the first generation raised to believe that everyone should have high self-esteem” (Twenge 70). Before Twenge brings this up she talks about how before the 1980s, self-esteem was never a topic. Twenge implies that every generation before the 1980s were never taught what it means to have high self-esteem or how to gain high self-esteem. This could be why the suicide rate
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