High Speed Rails

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High Speed Rails Contents High Speed Rails 3 Chapter I - Introduction 3 I.1 Statement of the Problem 3 I.2 Question of the Study 3 I.3 Objective of the Paper 3 I. 4 Significance of the Study 4 Chapter II - Literature Review 4 II.1 Introduction and a Short Page of History 4 II.2 What is it exactly? A Definition 5 II. 3 What Are the Costs? 6 II. 4 Advantages of High-Speed Rails 8 II. 5 Disadvantages of High-Speed Rails 12 II. 6 Pollution 13 Chapter III – Methodology 18 Chapter IV – Findings 18 Chapter V – Conclusion 21 Abstract Technological developments are always meant to ease humans’ lives, in terms of commodity, and to offer performing solutions for their needs. However, often the technological developments…show more content…
It will also enlarge about the types of HSR existent, presenting their advantages and disadvantages, from an economic or social point of view. The HSR will also be compared and contrasted with the other transportation services existent: ground transportation (classical trains), highway, or air transportation. I. 4 Significance of the Study By determining the economical context of introducing the HSR in the developed, or developing countries, this study can serve as a background research for other countries to take into consideration when deciding to apply this transportation system. By presenting the social advantages and disadvantages of this service, this study will constitute an additional information source for people who decide to use this service for their transportation purpose. Chapter II - Literature Review II.1 Introduction and a Short Page of History This chapter will illustrate the development of the high-speed rails, as they are exposed in the recent studies. The proponent of this research will analyze the existent researches on this topic, and will present the information relevant for this research paper. In this respect, there will be analyzed Journal articles, aiming to identify the socio-economical perspectives related to the investments in HSR. The beginning of the high speed rails was in 1964, being launched once with the Asian
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