High Tech Case Study

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Project Management Case Study Read the following case and provide a minimum of three reasons why problems occurred on this project, and what should have been done to prevent these occurrences. Problem and Associated Reason #1. _______________________________________________ Action(s) to prevent Problem #1.__________________________________________________ Problem and Associated Reason #2. _______________________________________________ Action(s) to prevent Problem #2.__________________________________________________ Problem and Associated Reason #3. _______________________________________________ Action(s) to prevent Problem #3.__________________________________________________ HI-TECH RESEARCH LABORATORY On a…show more content…
The study was to consist of two parts: Task A – An experimental program to examine the effect of microwaves on some 50 ores and minerals, and to select those processes appearing to have the most promise. Task B – A basic study to obtain an understanding of how and why microwaves interact with certain minerals. It was agreed that the project would be a joint effort of three laboratories: (1) Materials, (2) Chemistry, and (3) Electromagnetic. The first two laboratories were in the Physical Sciences Division, and the last was in the Electronics Division. Denby proposed that the contract be open-ended, with a level of effort to be determined. Agreement was quickly reached on the content of the proposal. Denby emphasized to the group that an early start was essential if Exco were to remain ahead of its competition. After the meeting Lacy, who was to have overall responsibility for the project, discussed the choice of project leader with Davidson. Davidson proposed Alan North, a 37-year-old chemist who had had experience as a project leader on several projects. North had impressed Davidson at the pre-proposal meeting and seemed well suited to head the interdisciplinary team. Lacy agreed. Lacy regretted that Dr. Ross (head of the Laboratory in which North worked) was unable to participate in the decision of who should head the joint project. In fact, because he was out of town, Ross was neither aware of the Exco project
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