High Tech Crime Operations: The Rational Choice Theory

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Investigating and actualizing crime prevention programs is important for the community, in any case it is withal fundamental to comprehend and examine the hidden hypothetical reason that reflects the program's basic thought. For every prevention program, there will be sorts of speculations that relate and impact its adequacy, and in addition theories that inquiry and dispute this. In the meantime, in conjunction differentiating theortetical research, more extensive research in the form of articles and peer reviewed journals that can provide educated opinions and insight on the programs importance. Ultimately, investigating research that braces and inquiries the crime prevention program benefits with assessing how utilizable the program is to…show more content…
In this case, the rational choice theory can be used to the aversion program to reduce malefaction as well as contribute to the program’s efficacy. According to Siegel (2015), the rational choice theory is established on the conception that individuals are able to predicate their decision on rational calculation, thus act rationality when deciding to increment either for profit or pleasure. If the benefit is far greater, therefore the perceived risk is diminutive, the probability of committing malefaction is high (Siegel, 2015). A criminological theory of this view is the general deterrence theory. As for the rational choice theory view, people will transgress the law if they do not comprehend or trepidation the consequences of the malefaction (Siegel, 2015). The theory of general deterrence is predicated on the reasoning that malefaction can be controlled by incrementing the vigilance of the authentic or perceived threat of malefactor penalization. According to Siegel (2015), based on Beccaria’s famous calculation, the more preponderant the rigor, certainty, and speed of licit sanctions, the less inclined people will be to commit malefaction and, consequently, the lower the malefaction rate. It is withal theorised that it is not only the authentic chance of penalization but the
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