High Technology Solutions For Preventable Problems

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Abstract This paper will explore the focus of high-technology solutions to preventable problems & the characteristics of the medical care culture that encourage the latter approach, describe how the ‘bottom line’ focus has changed the nature of the US health care system and lastly, state my views on the influences that the U.S. insurance industry has on the single payer system concept.

High-technology solutions to preventable problems Medicine in the 21st Century has continued to push the boundaries of science to unthinkable limits, often fusing complex technological elements and concepts together to achieve great feats. Two major contributing factors that have increased the use of high-technology in modern day medicine are Evidence-based Medicine and Health-Informatics. One study completed at Ohio State University (2016) proved how beneficial combining high-technologies such as Health Informatics Tools (HIT) and Evidence-Based Medicine can be. "Achieving a vision of 'interventional informatics ' will requires us to re-think how we study HIT tools in order to generate the necessary evidence-base that can support and justify their use as a primary means of improving the human condition" (Embi et al, 2016). This synergistic effect is just one of many countless examples of the successful advancements in medicine today. These strings of successful advancements in medicine can almost certainly be linked to the progression of specific

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