High Turnover Rates Impact Public Hospitals

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The impact of high turnover rate in public hospitals to the society. Healthcare services When the high turnover rate in public hospitals, it will lower quality of the healthcare services. The high turnover rate in public hospital, it will cause a shortage in the frontline staff in public hospital. Therefore, it can negatively affect the quality of healthcare service. The following few reasons. Firstly, it takes a heavy workload to the doctor and nurse. when the age population is increasing, the elderly will suffer from different kind of chronic illness, for example diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and renal disease. Thus, demand for medical personnel is increasing quickly. Under this situation, the lacking of the manpower in hospital, the majority of the medical staff raises their workload. Some doctors on duty for thirty-six hour in public hospital. Moreover, a nurse may need to take care of 10 patients in the acute ward. In some rehabilitation, and even psychiatric ward, the condition is even worse, in the night shift in the emergency ward, a nurse need to take care of 18 patients or more, and possibly as many as psychiatric or rehabilitation wards ranging from 28-36. As busy as this situation, it takes huge burden to the medical personnel . Job stress can cause a significant number of injuries to both physical and mental health .The medical personnel face lot of pressure to complete the task and can not effectively solve the problem when the
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