High on Health Group Work Assignment Essay

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Since the formation of group 4 (High on Health), we have established that we would meet every Tuesday at 6:00pm to 8:00pm in the library. There was a mutual agreement that I would book the rooms and email the confirmation Monday or Tuesday nights for a room in Martin Luther Kind Jr Library. On the very first day, we got together in class, and exchanged email addresses and numbers. We wanted to be able to communicate outside the classroom not just in the classroom. On our first meeting, we introduced ourselves and from there, we learn a bit about each other’s cultures. We all come from very different backgrounds, we talked about our culture, and how far along we are in our degrees. We also took the time to get to know each other…show more content…
Finally, performing is the last topic in Tuckman’s group formation; we are currently working on collaborating our ideas into a presentation for our final group project. As for now, we are very cooperative in working together to make it a very interesting and fun topic of choice because we feel that there needs to be more studies out there. We split up the roles, and decided it would be best if we include and spoke about parts of the research we did because some of us are more knowledgeable in certain areas, as it is part of what we study. While for others, it’s a topic of choice because it is trending. As a group, we are working really well in getting together and putting our ideas out onto the presentation because it is a topic we enjoy and a topic that is not spoken about, but is very popular in our generation. Therefore, we have established certain criteria that we need to follow. The criteria being that everyone understand the goals of our final presentation (ch11, pg 273). We decided together that we want everyone to learn more about MDMA, and how we will assess that is by a game at the end of the presentation (ch11, pg 273). We thought this solution to our objective would be effective because it is entertaining and enjoyable. Before we thought about coming up with a game, we thought about making a quiz at the beginning and end to assess the knowledge of our classmates, but decided otherwise (ch 11, pg 274), we listed our the solutions in a pros
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