High school to College Journal

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While High School and College have some similarities, they are majority different. High School was a time for me to find myself, have fun, and discover new responsibilities. While College is more of a time to get my things together so that I can get my degree. High School and College are different due to the guidance, leniency, and time. High School and College is different due to the guidance. When I was in high school my councilor always reached out to me. She would call me down to her office and discuss my academics. She would talk to me about what I was doing well in, what I needed to progress in, and what she would do to help. She would spend as much time with me as possible to make sure everything was in order. She went the extra mile to make sure I succeeded. However, in college everything is different. I didn’t even know who my academic advisor was until a day ago. Instead of going to her office on a regular basis, I have to schedule a meeting for when she has time. In this 30 minuet meeting she asks what can she do for you, versus coming out and telling you what you need to do to get on tract. In High School it was as if the councilor spent her day looking over the student’s files, and if seen something “off” she would come discuss the problem. In high school, you were guided to the right direction. In College you are advised to go the right direction, but who cares if you don’t.…

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