High speed chases

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Over the years the US has seen an increase in crime. These crimes vary in severity of impact to not only the US but states, local communities, families, and individuals. At times many of these crimes require police involvement and interventions that at times create hostile and dangerous situations for both emergency personnel, innocent bystanders, and the victim themselves. It is not uncommon to hear of responding officers to emergency situations to engage in high speed chases. This has become a more frequent and yet dangerous occurrence that has provided additional emergency concerns and in some instances fatalities. Although it is important to ensure that laws are being followed and criminal activity is deterred it is also important for…show more content…
However, in the law of negligence, the police are viewed in a different light than the ordinary citizen. The law demands that they not only exercise reasonable care in what they do, but also that they possess a certain amount of special knowledge and ability (Prosser & Keton, 1984). Accordingly, those persons trained as police officers must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with that training. Thus, in high speed chase situations, pursuing police officers must use that degree of care which is deemed reasonable in light of their special training and experience. The degree of care exercised in pursuit driving must also be commensurate with the circumstances at hand. All things considered, if the manner in which a police officer carries out a high speed chase falls below the level of skill, care and diligence generally expected of members of the police profession, that officer may be held liable for injuries or damages resulting from his or her conduct. Another factor of concern and one that also increased the need for further of discussion is the issue of termination or pursuit. In high speed chases speed alone creates many issues and consequences for those being chased, those who are engaging in the chases, and unfortunately those who sometimes are unaware of what may be taking place. The topic of high speed vehicle pursuits by
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