Higher Education As A Lack Of Education In The Police Force

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1. Introduction
• Hook: o Police officers abuse of power due to a lack of education or lack of community awareness?
• Claim: This dissertation argues that tertiary education become a mandatory prerequisite for all police professionals.
• Plan: The implementation of tertiary qualifications are important in individuals development stage as it creates a stronger moral structure of one’s self and strengthens humanistic beliefs; it will reduce instances of corruption within the force; equip officers with a stronger skillset to handle their challenging roles; and will reduce the use of verbal and physical force when handling citizens, thus creating a stronger relationship with citizens.

2. Grounds 1: Tertiary qualifications will corruption within the police force.
• Reason/evidence: Higher education and training will reduce the possibility of corruption as it will equip police with skills and mindsets that are less likely to influenced by corruption, (Rowe, 2007).
• Warrant: Through tertiary education, acceptable practices and standards of police behaviours can be taught to all police. Furthermore, police can be educated on how untoward behaviour will not be tolerated.
• Backing: A study conducted by Telep (2008), found that police who obtained tertiary education possessed mindsets that were less abetting to corruption.
• Further reasoning/evidence: A lack of education has been linked to an increased presence of corruption within the police force.
• Warrant: Police may be
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