Higher Education Equals Better Outcomes

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Higher education equals better outcomes, ADN vs BSN in the nursing workforce
Sean McNamara
Grand Canyon University
Professional Dynamics
Tricia Aud
July 31, 2013

Higher education equals better outcomes, ADN vs BSN in the nursing workforce

The ADN vs BSN subject has typically been discussed and debated thru out work places, class rooms, and even the dinner table but the facts through statistical research prove that more education provides better, safer care and will lead to better patient outcomes. BSN nurses have a broader knowledge base. This not only lends to the increase in critical thinking with a stronger foundation of personal information but also leads to the development of a more confident nurse that can apply
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Props 5405/A2079B and 5620/A3768. (Boyd, 2010). This has prodded individuals that have ADNs to go back to school. The following information comes from the Registered Nurse Population 2008. Among diploma-educated nurses who continued their education, there was an average 10.5 year gap between initial RN education and attaining a bachelor’s degree. In 2008, 32 percent of RNs with a bachelor’s or higher degree reported that their initial RN education was a diploma or an ADN, demonstrating that many RNs pursue additional degrees after completion of their initial RN education Nurses whose initial RN education was an ADN averaged 7.5 years between their ADN and attaining a BSN degree.(US Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Service Administration, 2010). Obviously the employers are looking for the BSN nurse. When hiring the BSN nurse as opposed the ADN nurse the expectation is one of a higher standard of care due to more education. The theory is, better outcomes and better patient satisfaction. This raises the level of reputation of the facility and in turn raises census usually. It also continues to attract a better workforce, people want to work in a safe and in a well established environment.
The trend is here and that is Baccalaureate degree is becoming mandatory for furthering a nurses career, whether it be initially or a RN to BSN program. This call is
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