Higher Education Essay

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The material in this article presents the necessary information related to the chosen topic. Weaknesses within this article are the lack of rural data related to the topic being researched. However, a strong point is found within the information pertaining to specifically designed around a particular course of study and expansion of education beyond high school. The provided information will adhere to the idea presented regarding the students at Highland High School and the need to prepare them for post-secondary education. Baum, S., Kurose, C., & McPherson, M. (2013). An Overview of American Higher Education. The Future of Children, 23(1), 17-39. Information within this document shows the development of changes within the post-secondary…show more content…
There are several weaknesses pertaining to information discovered within this article has little to do with the topic of discussion, especially with the majority of the things presented in this document being more directed toward a political aspect rather than educational. However, there are a few strengths that come forth in the components related to the establishment of relationships related to research development and the potential for educational restrictions if students are not able to project high quality research. A Black Feminist Interpretation: Reading Life, Pedagogy, and Emilie. (2017). Meridians: Feminism, Race, Trans-nationalism, 15(1), 245-268. This article establishes the relationship between the concept of feminism related to the development of research and the effects of how social theories and the ability to evaluate critical, in depth material weighs heavily upon the outcome of a high quality research essay. Within this article there is discussion regarding the multiple ways that black and brown women are marginalized through institutionalized structures and practices related to the ability to conduct appropriate and necessary research. The article relies heavily upon the work of Patricia Hill Collins. This article defines and explains the pedagogy of black feminists arguing against the consideration that there is an educational restriction concerning the research abilities of young
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